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6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Golf Glove

6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Golf Glove

We love seeing repeat customers coming back to us for more golf gloves, but not when they've been worn out too quickly. Gloves are not cheap and taking care of them properly saves the hassle of ordering more. It will keep them looking as fresh for as long as possible and a golf glove in better condition leads to better grip and performance.

1. Stop gripping the club too tightly.

The most common reason for your gloves wearing out too quickly is an overly firm grip. Poll the average golfer, and more times than not, their grip will be too tight. Too firm a grip can cause multiple issues for your swing, clubhead speed and accuracy. That’s before we mention the number of golf gloves you are going to get through.

The ideal grip should be one that is just tight enough so that you have full control over the club and the clubhead through impact. Too light, and the clubhead will swivel through impact, too tight and you lose power and control over your accuracy.

If we were to scale the tension on your grip from 0-10, with 0 being merely holding the club in your hands without any pressure, and 10 being maximum pressure applied, we would advise gripping the club around the 3/10 mark in your initial set-up.

As you make your swing, you will naturally grip it slightly tighter moving towards impact. This will require practice and patience, but the rewards are a smoother tempo, more consistent results and most importantly here, longer lasting golf gloves!

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2. Switch up your gloves mid-round.

Firstly, we would advise taking off your glove after each shot as it both airs out the glove and allows your own hand to breath. Keeping the glove on during the entire hole locks in the moisture within the glove, the leather absorbs it, and you will ultimately see reduced performance levels through abrasion of the glove.

Secondly, by switching up your gloves during your round, particularly your Skins gloves, you’re adding more style and flair to your game. Feeling lucky on a par three? Bring out the Casino Royale and take a gamble. Have a big carry that only your longest drive can reach? That’s right, Bombs Away calls. Use the different Skins as a good excuse to wear different gloves throughout the round.

Golfer putting on golf glove

3. Avoid using it to wipe sweat, or pick up wet ball.

It’s very easy to forget this point, especially when most golfers have their club in their right, non-glove hand. But wherever possible, try to avoid any liquid coming into contact with your glove.

Whether that’s picking the ball up with your glove hand after retrieving it from a lake, holding an ice cold beer, using the golf ball cleaner on the tee box or wiping sweat off your forehead on a hot day, all of these actions will lead to the glove picking up and maintaining moisture, while will deteriorate its performance as a quality leather. Take care of your glove in wet conditions, keep it away from water.

4. Use older gloves on the range.

This can’t be stressed enough. There’s no real need to wear your best golf gloves to the range. The average range will give you around 120 balls for 60 minutes. To put that into context, if you’re an 18 handicapper who takes 2 putts per hole on average and scores to par, you will be taking approximately 54 shots per round using your woods and irons. Do you really want to take 2 rounds’ worth of performance out of your favourite glove for just one hour of golf? Make it last.

5. Store in our golf glove pouch.

All too often, we get to the end of the round, we’re slightly tired and just want to get things packed away before heading into the clubhouse or getting home. Balls are thrown into the bag, tees, ball markers and whatever else is in your pockets are tossed in. That all too frequently includes your golf glove.

Do yourself and your glove a favour – store the glove in a zip-lock bag or pouch (we provide one for each glove!). Smooth it out as much as you can, replicating how it was originally packaged and carefully place it back into the pouch. Next time you play a round, you’ll have a glove that’s neatly packaged and almost good as new!  

Golf gloves on the ground

6. Wash and dry your golf gloves carefully.

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend washing your gloves too frequently. Only when there’s a noticeable amount of dirt on the glove or a bad odour should you consider a wash. During your round, plenty of sweat and natural oils can leak into your glove. Add to that the dirt that can accumulate on the outside, it’s not unreasonable to think it’s a no-brainer to throw it in the wash?

Not so fast. That’s because washing adds to the deterioration of the fine, cabretta leather, so do so only when necessary. If you do decide to wash your glove, make sure it is on a cold wash setting and on a delicate cycle. Do not leave the glove in for a dry cycle, instead, leave the glove out to dry naturally, ideally outside. Leave until it is completely dry.


We hope you don't have to come back for more gloves until yours has gotten multiple rounds! But if you do or you're looking to try ours out for the first time, check out our range of cabretta leather golf gloves, some of the most unique in the game.

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