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Which of these 4 types of golf gloves suits you?

Which of these golf gloves suits you?

Welcome to the home of golf gloves.

There are a multitude of factors to consider when purchasing a glove, and since we live and die by our humble glove here at Skins Golf, you've come to the right place to consider which one is right for you.

So, what should you take into account before making your decision? Here's a few considerations:

  • Do you prefer the feel of buttery soft leather or synthetic material?
  • Is style and design important to you or is a plain glove just fine?
  • Would you value longer durability over optimised performance?
  • How frequently does it rain and what time-of-year we're in.

Luckily enough, our new cabretta leather gloves tick most of those boxes, but let's check each option out.

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1. Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves

The most popular choice amongst amateur golfers and professionals. Cabretta leather is the preferred choice of leather due to its extremely soft and premium feel, enhanced grip capabilities along with superior performance levels to all other glove types.

Cabretta leather golf gloves have a thinner construction, allowing for a better feel of the golf club which ultimately leads to more control of your golf swing.

The highest grade of cabretta leather (the type we use) usually has very good durability and holds its shape quite well which is important for those of us looking to get long-term wear from our gloves - so seriously, do check them out here.

2. Synthetic Golf Gloves

More commonly used sporadically around the glove, synthetic material is stretchy, lightweight and has various uses on the glove. It is mainly used to bridge the knuckles or offer more flexibility in the joints of the fingers.

Some gloves in the market do use 100% synthetic material and these can tend be more durable than a leather glove, but lack the same feel and quality that most golfers like to enjoy.

3. Wet Weather Golf Gloves

Used during winter months or where your course is susceptible to poor weather conditions. Wet weather golf gloves are usually made up of nylon and various microfiber materials.

As the gloves become more wet, the materials on the palm of the glove begin to strengthen and allow for more friction and grip. Definitely one to store in your bag, particularly in the UK!

4. Mesh Golf Gloves

Mesh gloves are made from a material that is lightweight and can be ideal for hot climates because they allow your hands to breathe.

The downside to mesh is that the feeling of the material can be quite unnatural and uncomfortable, while the grip it offers is usually below that of a traditional cabretta leather golf glove.

Which Glove Is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing golf gloves, we consider four factors below:

1. Fit

Consider first if you would like a well-fitted glove, one which is the closest thing to your actual hand gripping the club. Cabretta leather gloves are the ideal option for a glove that feels like a second skin, one that fits snugly around your hand. Wet weather and synthetic gloves may have more excess material around the palm and fingers which can impact your grip.

2. Style

Of course we’re going to mention style as this is where we come into play. While we would again vouch for cabretta leather here due to its slick and sleek construction, there are plenty of cool synthetic coloured gloves available on the market. We’ve gone for a dash of colour between the fingers and the wrist to offer the ideal balance of comfort and style.

3. Performance and Control

We would point to the golf professionals here as to the answer to this question. Most, if not all, golf pros wear cabretta leather golf gloves. This is due to its far superior performance capabilities, offering enhanced grip, comfort, feel and control. The lighter, more thin fabric is ideal for holding the golf club in a comfortable and controlled manner.

4. Dominant weather conditions

If you live in a climate that is extremely wet, it may be worth investing in a pair of wet weather golf gloves. That’s because traditional leather tends to decay quicker when it becomes wet, while synthetic material can withstand this moisture more effectively. If it's extremely hot, check out some of those gloves that can cope best with sweat.

Conclusion - Cabretta Leather Gloves are the #1 in the Game

If you’re looking for something that’s stylish, comfortable, durable and high performing, you have come to the right place. At Skins Golf, we offer some of the most unique designs on the market while not sacrificing on any of the performance or longevity that golfers are used to.

Give our cool golf gloves a shot today, we know you won’t regret it!

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