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6 Ways to Choose Right Golf Towel For You

6 Ways to Choose Right Golf Towel For You

Golf towels come in many different materials, shapes, colors and sizes. We know how difficult it can be to choose best golf towel, so we have provided some guidance to help you make the best choice. Check out our range of cool golf towels before you dive in! 

Firstly, why should you use a best golf towel?

  1. To clean your clubs after each shot
  2. Wipe away dirt from your golf ball
  3. Adds an element of style to your golf bag
  4. Dries your hands and grips on wet days

Cleaning your golf towel - how should it be done?

A good golf towel can clean out the dirt than can often lodge itself in between the grooves of your club. If you play in dry weather conditions for example, a microfiber golf towels is probably most suitable as it can clean out the dirt from in between the grooves more effectively than a cotton golf towel. Cotton towels can be suitable for those super wet conditions where clumps of mud cover your clubface, or for wiping sweat away on those hot days.

A good golf towel will enhance the reliability of the contact between ball and clubface for a better trajectory and spin rate. Get yourself a towel that cleans effectively and efficiently.

microfiber golf towels

Absorbency - keep in mind the weight of your Custom Golf Towels

You want your golf towel to absorb moisture without adding significant weight to your bag. Think about those wet days where your golf towel is contributing quite substantially to the weight of your bag. Microfiber golf towels have proven to be more absorbent than your standard cotton towels. Not only that, they also dry much quicker (up to 3x in some cases), meaning that you’re carrying around less weight as it dries out during your round.

We would always advise golfers to wet part of your towel prior to a round. With one part wet and the other dry, you increase the cleaning properties of your towel.

Material - Microfiber Golf Towels are preferable

Microfiber golf towels can clean dry dirt the most efficiently versus other materials. Unlike other low-quality towels, microfiber golf towels will not leave behind fluff or loose strands. It is light and flexible for getting right into the groves of your club.

Microfiber material has a high-water absorption rate and a quick-drying nature, making it ideal to carry around the course. It is also easy to keep them fresh as they can be machine washed. 

Microfiber Golf Towels

Consider the size of your Custom Golf Towels

The size and color of your towel can be important to consider in the decision-making process. The towel should be big enough to clean your gear but not too small that you risk not being able to clean your clubs effectively.

You also don’t want your towel dragging along the ground when you set down your bag, so take that into consideration when purchasing your next towel (Our towels sit just above the ground).

Stylish golf towels beat the plain, boring cotton versions

The days of having a plain white or black towel should largely be behind us. It’s time to add some flair and style to your golf bag and invest in a golf towel that looks cool. Our unique prints make your bag stand out from the rest, while still offering you all the functionalities of any other plain golf towel out there.

How do you like your golf towel attached to your bag?

Most golf towels either have a carabiner clip or slit in the middle of the towel to allow it to be placed over a club in your bag. Consider what size you would like, how often you would like to hold the towel separately to your bag and even how often you might leave it behind! A carabiner clip is often the best solution for never leaving it behind on the previous green!

cool golf towels

Conclusion: Cool Golf Towels

There are a range of factors that should go into the decision-making process behind buying a golf towel UK. Style and functionality are at the heart of our design stage and we hope that we’ve got the right combination for you!

Happy Golfing!

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