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Christmas Golf Gift Guide - Special Offers at Every Budget

Christmas Golf Gift Guide For 2024

In this article, we'll look into the various ranges of Christmas gift for golfers buying options that you have for that special someone.

We'll segment them into various categories of budget, depending on who you're buying for.

Christmas Golf Gift Buying For The Golfer In Your Life

Ah, the golf gifting season! The ascent of Black Friday and Cyber Monday into our lives has pulled forward many of our holiday buying patterns. Still, it has also given us an opportunity to come into Christmas prepared. Golf gifts for men, golf gifts for dad, Christmas gifts for golfers, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and Father's Day are all opportunities to get them something they'll love.
We've all been guilty of leaving things to the last minute, so the benefit of any early sales period is seeing what you've purchased physically and having time to return and exchange it.

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£5-25 Golf Gift Category

The most popular range. Forms part of a gift, an office Secret Santa or a nice small gift to a family member.

Golf ball markers and accessories - Gifts for Golfers

These always go down well, and are the PERFECT stocking filler. Mix and match your favourite ball markers or pitch mark repairers. Think your partner or colleague is into skulls, casino themed presents or just loves that dollar bill? We've got something for everyone here.  

Golf balls - Gifts for Golfers

Us golfers can never, ever, have enough golf balls. Go for a decent pack of Taylormade or Callaway balls and you won’t go wrong.

Golf accessories - Gifts for Golfers

We always need a cool golf glove or a golf towel. It’s something most of us golfers forget to buy, or wait last minute to buy in the pro-shop. Getting one quality, fun golf glove like ours is always a good option!

£25-50 Golf Gift Category

One where you can find the most deals, where products are usually bundled in 3 for additional value.

Package deals 

It’s the time of year where you’ll see a lot of promotions around golf balls, gloves, tees etc. This is the perfect segment for getting them some quality accessories in numbers.

Quality golf balls

The best and most used ball by the professionals is the Titleist Pro V1. We rarely buy these ourselves because a) they’re not cheap and b) we tend to lose them. That’s why it’s such a great present!

Second hand golf equipment

If the person you’re buying for is new to the game or you know they’re missing a certain club, why not dip into the second hand market and get them something at a material discount vs. it’s price when new?!

£50-100 Golf Gift Category

Combine lots of small presents, or go for one quality piece? That’s the big decision.

Golf Apparel - Personalized Golf Gifts

Golfers love golf gear. We love new clothing lines, quality pieces to show off to our playing partners, new brands that they haven’t heard of. Check out some rain gear too here. We obviously know they’ll love our hoodies and q-zips, so check them out too!

Golf Lesson - Personalized Golf Gifts

We think we’re good enough, but we’re not. Get them a one-hour golf lesson with a pro to start the new year right!

Golf Voucher - Personalized Golf Gifts

Something else you can’t go wrong with. This allows them to buy whatever they want, in a size that fits them, when it suits them. Win/Win for all!

£100+ Golf Gift Category

For the special person in your life. The options are endless, but we’ll condense them for you.

Golf Clubs - Golf Gifts for Men

This is a tricky one, but just keep the receipt. We can be quite hesitant to buy a new putter or wedge for example. But they’re another one of those gifts that we as golfers love for that reason.

Golf Bag Golf Gifts for Men

We tend to hold on to our old golf bags for way longer than we should. This is particularly important for those golfers who carry their bag. Check what they have and see if an upgrade is due. And please, nothing too boring 😊

Green Fees Golf Gifts for Men

Have they always wanted to play that one amazing course, but never got around to booking it. Get them a voucher or Green Fees to play a round and watch their face light up.

Conclusion - Christmas Gift for Golfers

Whatever your budget, we hope there’s something in here that’s been useful for you. From cool golf gloves, to unique golf towels and quality golf hoodies and q-zips, we should have something for everyone here!

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