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Personalised, Coloured or Designer Golf Gloves?

Personalised, Coloured or Designer Golf Gloves?

Ok, you're either here because you want something different than the usual plain, boring golf glove. OR, you're looking for the coolest golf glove as a gift to wow them. If it's neither of those, we're not sure what you're doing here, but welcome!  

We’ve taken a look at each of the options available to golfers to see which one might suit you best.

1. Personalised Golf Gloves

The slight issue that people might encounter would be quality and durability issues. Yes, these gloves can be ‘’fun’’ based on their colour, or if they have the person’s initials on them.

But after just a few wears, these gloves often encounter issues with regards to their stitching, wearing of the leather and general longevity that means they are often discarded not too long after they’ve first been put into use.

Many people will look to Personalised Golf Gloves as a gift to a golf lover. Whilst it will probably be greeted with a smile and a thank you, they will likely be used to wearing premium or brand-name gloves and in most cases, the Personalised Golf Gloves will not have the same softness or feel that they love and expect.

Golfers are unusual beings, in that when something doesn’t feel familiar or make them feel comfortable and confident, they’ll likely revert back to what they’re used to. So do bear this in mind when considering getting a personalised golf glove for a friend or family member.

2. Coloured Golf Gloves

On the other hand, the last decade has seen growth in coloured golf gloves. A few brands have emerged offering something different to the plain white coloured golf gloves. We’ve seen a number of players through the 70s and 80s wear different colourful golf gloves, but the popularity hasn’t particularly stuck on tour, nor has it filtered down to the amateur game.

Coloured golf gloves offer something different, a pop of colour and a bit of style to your game. We like how they stand out on the course and how it encourages someone’s personality – brightening up what can sometimes be some very mundane outfits!

One word of warning on coloured golf gloves – the colour can often seep through the leather of the glove, with the dye rubbing on to your hands which can be difficult to rub off.

The dye or colour from the glove then starts to slowly ebb away, leaving a lighter patch on the glove where there is more wear. We’ve tried a few out in our day and while most colourful golf gloves have looked great, we’ve run into some consistency issues, where we don’t know whether the dye will hold, or how the glove will look after a couple wears.

3. Designer Golf Gloves

Cool golf glove

The newest entrant on the scene and some of the coolest, most unique and custom golf gloves in the game. These golf gloves, with features either on the wrist, in between the fingers or with different print designs across the glove have started to gain popularity with the golfing population.

We’re yet to see tour players take the plunge with these gloves yet, but we think it’s only a matter of time. With players now showing more swag and style than ever before, we feel the plain white glove will be replaced by design-based gloves in the not-too-distant future.

Designs can come in all different forms, but usually they are printed on lycra due to its ability to hold the colour and form through various rounds of usage. Our Skins Golf gloves have a lycra lining on the wrist and between the fingers to keep the design feature in-tact, while still offering that soft and comfortable feel that golfers should expect.

When constructed properly and with the right materials, these skin golf gloves can perform just as well as the premium, tour-based gloves. When considering design-based gloves as a gift for someone, it’s worth doing some due-diligence on the brand, checking out the images and reviews to ensure that you’re comfortable purchasing them.

Conclusion: Designer Golf Gloves

Personalised golf gloves can be a nice gift to make something custom-based for a specific individual, but the quality is often questionable. Coloured golf gloves offer something different, make you stand out on the course, but be wary about the dye seeping through the leather.

Designer-based, cool skins golf gloves can offer a perfect combination of style, flair and quality – but make sure you research the brand you’re buying from before deciding. Be sure to check out our range of cool golf gloves that can suit any golfers’ needs!

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