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3 ways to take care of leather golf gloves on a hot day

Cabretta Leather Golf Glove on a hot day

Before we get into things, we’ll list out the three important ways to take care of your cabretta leather golf glove on those sweaty summer days.

  1. Take off your cabretta leather golf glove after every shot
  2. Switch up your colourful gloves during your round (come prepared with 3 gloves)
  3. Air out, flatten and place your glove back in its pouch after your round.

We all pray for that 25-degree day (77 F for our US friends), with the sun beating down and a cold beer waiting for us on the 9th and 19th. The issue is, they’re the sort of days that can do the most damage to your leather golf gloves. They’re also the days where we need our glove the most, to counter the sweaty palms that we naturally develop throughout the round.

Golfer with whiskey themed glove adjusting the strap

1. Take your Cabretta Leather Golf Glove off after every shot

And we mean, every shot. You MUST allow your cabretta leather golf glove time to air out, otherwise the leather will soak up all that sweat and become crusty in no time. So take off your cabretta leather golf glove, hold it in your hand as your walking along, letting the air pass through it, or simply tuck it into your back pocket.

There’s a reason the professionals do this on tour. They don’t want to recklessly burn through gloves either, so take their advice and let your golf glove breath.

2. Switch up your Colourful Golf Gloves mid round

This is only second to the first point above and will add a huge amount of longevity to your gloves. Not only will it help with the general wear and tear of your colourful golf glove, but it will also help alleviate the issue of the sweat building up inside your colourful golf glove and eroding that soft brushed feeling inside your cabretta leather golf glove.

So, after 6 or 7 holes, change your glove to another one in your bag (and don’t forget to store the used glove in our Skins Golf pouch!). After 13-14 holes, switch your colourful golf glove again to another design. It truly will add another few rounds to your golf gloves, while making them feel much nicer each time.

3. Take proper care of your Cabretta Leather Golf Glove after your round

You’ve done all the hard work, took off your glove between each shot, switched it up during the round, and after the final putt has dropped for your round of 71 (Net? Gross? Who cares), you stuff your last used glove into your bag and head to the bar. No bueno.

Take the 10 seconds to carefully flatten and place your golf glove back into the golf pouch where it originated from. Leave it open a touch to allow some air in and place it nicely back into your bag with the zip slightly open. Not only will you have a properly formed glove to come back to, but you’ll also have one which is nicely aired out.

Taking golf glove out of pouch

Conclusion - Just take care of your Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves

We love to see repeat customers. But not in the context of their glove wearing out after a few rounds, so please take good care of your cabretta leather golf gloves by following the tips above. Golf isn’t an inexpensive game and where savings and efficiencies can be gained, you should grab them with both hands.

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