4 Reasons Why Our Microfiber Towels Stand Out

4 Reasons Why Our Microfiber Towels Stand Out

Why Do Our Cool Microfiber Towels Stand Out?

Our core focus has always been and will continue to be our premium golf gloves. They are the products that we believe make us truly different versus our peers. But we have had a huge amount of incoming around what is next. What would compliment our gloves while still having that touch of differentiation and uniqueness to stand out?

And that’s why we went with large golf towels – designs that would replicate some of our best-sellers, so that you could bring your favourite design to the big stage and hang it on your golf bag.

Golf bag with whiskey designed golf towel

Easy to clip your golf towel to your bag

Some towels have a centre slit to sit neatly into any one of your golf clubs. This allows them to command a larger surface area for cleaning purposes, in addition to covering more of your bag in a style that you love. We love this idea as well, but we’ve gone for something a bit more subtle and practical.

We’ve all been there – leaving a club behind on the last green, dropping our custom golf towels or scorecard down the fairway and it’s just not cool. Having to jog back, then being out of breath for your next shot. No one needs that. We wanted to give you a simplistic golf towel design, one you can clip on to your bag safely and not have to worry about its whereabouts.

A golf towel that hangs perfectly above the ground

Golf towels come in all shapes and sizes. Some like to have huge surface areas to clean (probably useful on those super wet winter days). But most like a medium-sized towel, one that has enough space to clean your clubs and golf balls but is short enough not to be dragging along the ground when you set your bag down.

This was the key factor in our decision making. Add to that the weight of some of those large towels, especially when they absorb water. You’ll thank us when you’re walking down 18.

Microfiber material allows your golf towel to stand out

Several aspects of thought went into this. The material of our golf towels is 100% Polyester. They’re a waffle knit design which gives that slightly textured feeling which allows the towel to clean as effectively as it does. It’s lighter weight than cotton, more absorbent and much faster drying. Whilst we’ve used cotton towels for several years ourselves, we grew a little bit tired (literally) of the weight it adds to our bags.

The more practical reason is the ability to print our designs on microfiber material vs. cotton. The stand-out, vibrant designs we’ve printed across the golf towel can only shine on material like this. We’re also delighted to say that the material is non-bleed, meaning you can throw your golf towel in the wash (cold cycle) without worrying about the colour fading.

Cleaning golf club with golf towel

Adds some swag to your golf bag.

We all want the latest gear. Even the humblest person out there doesn’t mind being told they look good, or that their golf gear is cool. There are two camps when it comes to golf bags – first is the pretty mundane, single colour bag that does its job well.

Second is the golf bag that shines bright, looking crisp and clean. Our golf towels spruce up the first camp, while complimenting the second. There’s no better way to add some swagger to your golf bag than adding a slick, exciting new designer golf towel. It’s a subtle, yet super effective and fun way of adding your personality to your golf game.

Conclusion: Microfiber Towels Stand Out

What better way to style yourself out on the course than to match one of your favourite Skins Golf gloves with one of our new golf towels? It’s time to ditch the mundane golf towels and invest in one that will both make you look good, but also meet every functional need you’ll have.

Should you have any more ideas, designs or products you want to see launched, we would love to hear from you. Hit us up at info@skinsgolf.com.

Until next time, enjoy the new golf towels!

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