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3 Reasons Golf Hoodies Are Here To Stay

3 Reasons Golf Hoodies Are Here To Stay

We were lucky enough to witness another incredible week at Wentworth in early-September, where Shane Lowry produced an immensely impressive bogey-free 3 days to win by one. 3 Reasons best Golf Hoodies Are Here To Stay. 

But one thing stood out to us a couple years on from Tyrrell Hatton’s win. The best golf hoodie is very much in vogue. The movement is real and golf fashion has moved on considerably.

We all remember the image of Hatton kissing the trophy with his hood up. There was an amazing amount of coverage for something that should be so minor – maybe it was a result of the boredom arising from COVID, where we all had far too much time on our hands to acknowledge these things. On the flip side, it highlighted how far we still needed to progress in terms of changing the mindset of many in our game.

Versatility is key for today's golfer

Men's Golf hoodies are in the most part, designed with the type of style that respects the traditions of the game. In most instances, they look vastly better than many of the “conforming” layers that we’re used to seeing at our local club. So why should something that looks so slick and stylish not have a place in our game, and why do certain clubs insist on banning them in their dress code?

Golf hoodies for men also offer a level of versatility that golfers enjoy and that other layering items can’t. We’ve all put on a jacket that we know restricts our swing, but the alternative is playing while cold. This is an option that offers you comfort, performance and style all in one.

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Athleticism is hugely important when considering  best golf hoodies

We need an upgrade in golf gear across the board, more athletic materials designed to improve our performance and thankfully the pros are leading the charge on this - JT, Rory and Morikawa to name a few.

Gone are the days of thick, cotton-based materials restricting our swing. Golf Hoodies often contain materials that are stretchy and allow for better movement throughout the whole swing. This is what sports apparel does, so we’ve got to embrace it.

Everyday golf hoodies, for on and off course wear

The third aspect is practicality and efficiency. The trend in golf and fashion in general is moving towards items for everyday wear. Hoodies and other layering pieces that you can wear to the office, to dinner or to the course.

It helps decrease the clutter in our wardrobe, it helps our wallet as we’re not buying something for every occasion, and it ultimately helps the environment as we’re reducing waste and becoming more efficient in our buying habits.

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Conclusion: Reasons Golf Hoodies

We urge you all to embrace the best golf hoodie and to challenge your club’s dress code to have more flexibility around golf wear. Just ask them – “if it’s good enough for Rory, why isn’t it good enough for me?”

Check out our range of Golf Hoodies. The most comfortable and versatile pieces imaginable.

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