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3 Things to Consider Before Washing Leather Golf Gloves

Consider Before Washing Leather Golf Gloves

Having a nice, fresh golf glove is one of the cornerstones for beginning your round on the right foot. Imagine this, you’ve done your chipping and putting practice, hit a few balls into the net, then arrive to the first tee only to pull out an old, crusty golf glove that feels like sandpaper on your hands.

Your gloves need to be cared for properly, to keep that premium feel, but they can also be washed under the right circumstances. In this article, we’ll look into a few ways that you can wash your glove.

Washing Leather Golf Gloves: Cabretta

First, we don’t recommend washing your gloves too often. Only do so when you think it’s necessary, for when they’re considerably dirty or smell very bad. Washing adds to the deterioration of the fine, cabretta leather in our gloves, causing it to wilt and lose its shape.

Golf gloves can be washed in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle. After the wash cycle, leave the glove outside to dry, or at least in an area that has good drying conditions. Do not put your gloves on a dry cycle. Premium golf gloves are sensitive to heat, especially cabretta leather gloves. The heat from the dryer can damage the leather so make sure to air dry your gloves regardless of how you washed it.

You can also hand wash your gloves whilst being gentle with the material, focusing on removing the dirty spots rather than the entire glove itself. A standard soap will do, whereas you should avoid bleach at all costs.

Dirty Golf Gloves Can Impact Performance

When your golf glove gets too dirty, you begin to lose the benefits you initially bought it for. That soft, second-skin leather that you initially felt has likely been eroded away, and the dirt on your glove has started to impact the leather and ultimately, the performance of your glove, taking away the much-needed grip that we require to complete our swing. See our article on washing golf gloves.

Golf gloves can become a nuisance with how often you must replace them. But knowing how to properly take care of your golf gloves will give you so many more rounds with them that you won’t have to keep coming back to us (but please do when you’re ready!).

Keeping Your Glove Fresh on the Course

First and foremost, take care of your gloves on the course. Avoid using your glove to wipe away sweat, don’t retrieve wet balls from the lake using your glove, switch up your gloves mid-round and store it neatly and safely back into your pouch after your round. Check out our other blog on taking care of your glove on hot summer days.

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Conclusion: Washing Leather Golf Gloves

While we do advocate washing your gloves to keep them clean, we would prefer our golfers take good care of them on the course before resorting to any wash cycle. Make them go longer and watch your savings pile up for more golf gear!

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