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5 Reasons You Should Wear a Golf Glove

5 Reasons You Should Wear a Golf Glove

First things first. You do not have to wear a golf glove. Yes, we’re going there even as a golf accessories brand selling gloves. For those who don’t, we have massive respect for you. Personally, we don’t have the confidence (or ability) to play without a glove, but if you can comfortably play the game just using your hands in their own form, then kudos to you.

With that being said, around 80% of the golfing population wear a glove. Why? We run through the five reasons in this article:

  1. Enhances your grip,
  2. Gives you more confidence over your swing
  3. Helps alleviate blisters and wearing of the hand
  4. Sweat and moisture management
  5. Style and fashion
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1. Enhances your grip

With cabretta leather or other forms of leather, your glove acts as a mechanism to better grip the club. Just doing the simple test of sliding the club down the non-glove hand vs. the glove hand will illustrate this for you.

When you slide your club along your glove hand, there will be some resistance as the leather takes hold of the grip on the golf club. So when you immediately align yourself to your ball and set up to take a shot, most golfers (pros included) will take their leading left hand (the glove hand) to first grip the club, then take the non-glove right hand to settle in to the shot.

Because the left hand is the more dominant in the golf swing (for right-handed golfers), it commands more attention with regards to its grip.

2. Adds confidence and performance

When setting up over a golf ball, the majority of golfers will have more confidence in taking back the club when they know they are wearing a glove. For most, it’s the knowledge that they can assume a lighter grip and still trust that their hands will stay on the club through impact.

For others, this can be something as simple as having confidence that the club won’t fly out of their hands. Wearing a glove gives you great control over your swing from takeaway to impact.

We’ve all experienced a twisting of the club through impact for various reasons – whether that being our grip being too light, our commitment to the shot lacking or weather effects (be that rain or high humidity). When gripping a club, where 1 is the lightest grip and 10 is the firmest, most coaches recommend having a grip of 3-4 on the scale.

3. A good golf glove can help care for your hands

Ever feel the burn on your hands after a range session or after 18 holes? For many golfers, especially those returning after an absence of a few weeks, blisters and wearing down of the skin on your hands are common occurrences. Golf gloves can help mitigate those effects by acting as another layer of protection between the grip of the club and your hands.

For those who don’t wear gloves, there can be a tendency to grip the club tighter and therefore, add to the wearing down of the hands. Blisters can also emerge more quickly in such circumstances. By wearing golf gloves, you can grip the club lighter and still have confidence that the club will stay in your hands as you hit your shot. This in turn leads to less wearing of the hands, in addition to a reduced chance of blisters emerging.

4. Golf gloves absorb sweat and moisture

We all know the feeling. Whether it’s nerves or just the sun beating down on us – our hands start to sweat, and the golf club suddenly becomes a slippery eel that you just can’t get a hold of.

The good thing is that at least one of our hands, the more dominant one, will have a firm enough grip, should you wear a golf glove. We’d advise you to allow your hands to breath in between shots by taking off your glove and putting it back on again as you’re ready to hit. This also allows the glove to air out so that the impact of the moisture on the leather doesn’t impact it as much.

The second weather consideration to make is rainy or wet conditions. While we would recommend wet-weather gloves in such a scenario, you can still use a leather glove to enhance your grip in such conditions. Just don’t expect it to last as long if you’re handling wet clubs, balls or other equipment.

5. Cool golf gloves add an element of style and fashion

The last consideration, and one that is closest to our hearts, is style. You want to look good on the course, show your character, the type of player you are. Why then go for a featureless, plain white glove?

Our designs allow you to express yourself on the course – whether you’re a bomber off the tee, a short game specialist, a darts player from 150 yards. Gloves, like shoes, towels, bags or even headcovers can be a means to show your creative and artistic side.

Two golf gloves with unique designs laid on ground.

Conclusion: Wear a Golf Glove

To conclude, golf gloves are for many, the most important golf accessory in their bag. It addresses five key points of your game – 1) better grip 2) enhanced performance 3) hand care 4) sweat resistance and 5) style.

Our range of gloves will hit all of these points, with that added flair that’s currently missing in the glove market. Check out our product range of cool cabretta leather golf gloves for more details!

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