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4 Best Golf Gifts In The Festive Season.

4 Best Golf Gifts In The Festive Season.

We’re here to help with 4 great gift ideas, 1 of which is completely free and will earn you enough brownie points to last a lifetime! Delivery is fast (48hrs in the UK) and we have a reliable and super easy returns and exchange program, so don’t worry if you haven’t got the right size! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

1. A voucher for a golf course or resort.

Nothing says I love you more than a voucher to play at one of the country’s best golf courses. Golfers are often hesitant to try out new courses – with time, money, travel and the convenience of playing at your home course with the usual crew often the excuse. A voucher for a new course that they haven’t tried out before is a perfect excuse for them to get away and try something new.

2. Golf gloves, golf towels and other cool accessories.

If there’s one thing we know golfers like, it’s new gear and equipment. You can already picture it; they rock up to their golf club wearing something their playing partners haven’t seen before. They know they look good and everyone else is instantly immersed by the sense of missing out on the gift you’ve bought them!

Golfers are always low on or out of stock on golf gloves, so why not get them something they’re going to love, something they’ll use countless times this year, where can show off their personality while still offering them the comfort and performance that they’re used to?

That's where we come in. A Skins Golf glove or golf towel will be right up their alley - the most unique golf gloves on the market with distinct designs alongside the highest levels of quality and durability. We have a wide range of gloves to choose from across multiple size ranges - check out our collection here.

As mentioned previously, if the glove doesn’t fit them initially, we have an easy exchange portal to get them the right size as soon as possible!

Cool Golf glove with Casino themed Design

3. Golf lessons with a professional. 

Everybody needs them. Professional golfers are constantly tweaking their swing on a weekly basis with guidance from their coach, so there’s no such thing as a golfer that doesn’t need lessons.

Have a quick search of local instructors and either book a lesson in (you may have to wait a few months), or get them a voucher to use with that instructor. So go ahead, support the local coach in your area and get them a lesson booked in the diary.

4. Time. Precious Time. 

You may be thinking “they’re out on the course every week, surely they don’t need time for more golf!”. But you would unfortunately be very, very wrong. Most of us go to sleep dreaming of the shots taken during our last 18, wishing we were back out there to rectify our past mistakes.

So, tell them it’s ok to take the next weekend off, give them that free pass on a Sunday, ask them when they want their next golf weekend. This may be the one gift that trumps anything material that they usually expect. Keep this one up your sleeve and thank us later.

Best festive golf gifts – the alternative list of ideas:

  • Golf balls – you can rarely go wrong. Pro-tip - if they’re very keen on golf, go for “soft” golf balls. If you get the sense that they don’t really mind what ball they play, and they lose a lot of balls, then go for a budget range.
  • Voucher – they’ll always have use for this. Understand it’s not something physical as such, but it does allow them to go to one of their favourite golf shops and buy what they need.

Missing something? Hit us up, we'd love to hear from you!

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