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Best Golf Apparel: Off and On-Course Wear

Best Golf Apparel For On and Off-Course

How 9 holes of golf has shaped our view on best golf apparel

There are a huge number of factors behind the growth in number of rounds played during the COVID boom, but one perhaps less talked about is the ability for golfers to leave work early to catch 9 holes, before finishing their days work after their round.

But one thing us golfers have needed to facilitate this is golf wear that is suitable for the office and the course. We all have a finite amount of time to spare during our days, so if we’re able to save time by not having to bring a spare outfit and change when we get to the course, we’re making lives much easier for ourselves.

Office wear versus best golf apparel

Traditionally, office wear has been separate to any athletic wear. You wore a suit and tie to the office and brought a change of clothes for any post-work activities. Not any longer.

With changing working habits and a more relaxed dress code, most office workers can happily wear chinos, runners and a polo/t-shirt to work without the fear of being frowned upon by senior management. That’s a game-changer for us golfers. Not only are we more comfortable while working, but we can also pretty much dress for the first tee.

But to do so, we need office and course wear that has a combination of comfort, versatility and an element of class and style. This is what we focused on in with our first golf apparel collection. We’ve been in those very shoes where we needed something to suit all occasions, something that looks great for each one individually.

Golfer wearing hoodie cleaning clubs

Golf hoodies and quarter zips - the ideal balance

Our range of golf hoodies and quarter zips have been made with all of this in mind. Slick and classic designs that work in the office, pops of colour throughout each piece to give them a unique and stylish design and finally, a quality of material and fit that makes them both extremely comfortable and athletic.

So next time you’re planning a quick 9 holes after work, bring along one of our golf hoodies or q-zips. Shop the golf apparel collection today!

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