Men's Performance Golf Hoodies

The most comfortable hoodies in the game.

"Skins Golf have nailed this" NCG Review

NCG Review

"The Performance Hoodie is one of the nicest clothing pieces I’ve worn in a long time, on or off the course. It blends the ‘smart’ requirements of golf apparel with the ‘casual’ requirements a modern golfer is looking for brilliantly and is really easy to play in."

National Club Golfer

Golfer taking shot wearing golf hoodie

The Ultimate Golf Hoodie

Featuring an immensely comfortable, soft and 4-way stretch material, we've designed a hoodie to meet the needs of any occasion.

Our golf hoodies have been crafted with the ultimate versatility in mind, where you can transition from work, golf or travel, to those cosy days at home.

Using the highest quality materials paired with subtle application of our unique design features, say hello to your new go-to layering piece.

Men's Golf Hoodie FAQs

What makes your hoodies different?

The design and technical intricacies make our golf hoodies stand out.

First - the forearms are neatly trimmed and tailored so as to not feel baggy.

Second - the fit is athletic across all areas but crucially doesn't restrict your golf swing.

Third - stylistically, the left wrist pops with our two-tone line, in addition to our subtle logo application on the kangaroo pouch.

How do your golf hoodies fit?

Our hoodies are designed with an athletic fit to meet the demands of the game.

The sleeves are tailored but not too tight, while the length is ideal so as to not move up your torso during your swing.

How warm are your hoodies for golf?

In temperatures below 10 degrees celsius, you can still wear our hoodies and quarter zips with an under armour type long sleeve beneath.

Come spring and summer, these will be the ideal morning and late evening piece as the temperature moves into the mid-high teens.

How suitable are your hoodies for off-course wear?

This is where our apparel collection excels. You won't find a more comfortable and stylish piece out there - one that works as effortlessly on the course as well as off it.

Wear this to work, to dinner or to drinks. You'll find yourself turning to these over and over again. Say hello to your go-to layering collection.

Can I return or exchange a hoodie after trying it on?

Absolutely - as long as we see no signs of wear and it conforms to our returns policy, we have a simple and quick exchange policy to get the right size hoodie or quarter zip for you.