Cool golf glove with skulls design

The Story Behind A Cool Golf Glove Design

The Story Behind A Cool Golf Glove Design 2024

What do skulls, poker chips and comic books have to do with golf? Absolutely nothing. But when applied to a cool golf glove design, they start to tell a story. And that's what we're trying to do here. Every golfer is a unique character. No one swing is the same, no style is the same and everyone has their own quirks on the course.

We wanted to celebrate this by applying unique and distinct designs to our golf gloves, while still retaining the highest levels of performance and quality you should expect. So, starting with four of our eight designs, we give a brief background of where the inspiration came from.

Dia de los Muertos Cool Golf Glove Design

One of the reasons we were so encapsulated by Tiger was his ability to win when coming from behind on a Sunday. How often did we look at a leaderboard on Saturday night, see Tiger’s name within 2-3 shots of the lead and think “he’s right where he wants to be”. What must have been go                                                     ing through the heads of those ahead of him? Tiger had a killer instinct, and we wanted to create a glove that reflected the bodies he left behind.

The Day of the Dead celebrates those who have passed. We wanted to celebrate the man who killed off so many golfers’ major dreams. It’s a cool golf glove only to be worn by those who have that inherent ability to kill off the competition by any means necessary. Wear it with respect for the GOAT. Shop the Dia de los Muertos, skull-themed golf glove.

Skull-themed golf glove holding a golf club

Casino Royale Best Golf Glove

Golf is more exciting when there’s something on the line. Every shot, every hole matters when there’s money at stake. Who isn’t confident in their own ability to make that one shot that everyone doubts them on? The thing about golf and money games is that it can bring out the best (and worst) in everyone.

The regular poker player, the casino goer, the sportsbook king or even the non-gambler of the group – when your ability is called into question and everything is in your hands, you’re taking that person on.

Casino Royale is a best golf glove designed for those with a cool head, for those who like to challenge people, those who raise the stakes of an ordinary Sunday game and make it into something extremely competitive. Check out the totally unique Casino Royale golf glove.

Casino themed golf glove

Bombs Away Colourful Golf Glove

The long-drive champ of the group, the one who never takes out the 4 iron or the rescue to get it in play. We admire their persistence to find that one bomb of the round – but that’s what they love to do. When it connects, we stand there in complete awe, making all the wayward drives worth it. What’s golf without that competitive edge of trying to see who can drive it furthest?

Probably the most obvious colourful golf glove we had to make – one for the bombers out there. They usually come loaded with a huge personality and a swing to match. So watch them wake up when they reach the long-drive hole, the driveable par-four, the 260 yard approach to the par-5 that’s unreachable for everyone else. Bombs Away Baby!

Bombs Away Golf Glove


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