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What Are The 3 Different Kinds of Golf Apparel?

3 Different Kinds of Golf Men's Apparel – What Are They?

We’ve made the leap into apparel. It was a decision we researched thoroughly over for a couple years as we wanted to be absolutely certain that we could offer something that was additive to the industry.

We’re not naïve enough to think that we have something that is truly differentiated. We do believe we’ve found a niche with our golf gloves where we are offering a totally unique product, but sports wear is a well-trodden path. So why did we persist with it and release our first golf apparel line?

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Printed Golf Men's Apparel - Designs for the Creative

There has been a huge uptick in eccentric golf wear. This has been a welcome addition to a sport that is generally hesitant to change and straying from tradition.

For golf clubs that have strict dress code policies, this has almost been a middle-finger to them where golfers have conformed to the dress code, “must wear a polo” etc, but have also worn something that no doubt left some members grumbling in distain, with loud and colourful patterns lighting up the first tees.

Generally speaking however, these pieces only really have one occasion where you can wear them, but we’re not stopping you wearing them out to the bar!

Traditional Golf Clothing Apparel - Quality meets Class

Then there’s the traditional golf wear. This is the kind you’re likely to see college teams wear. Smart, tailored items styled to look professional and clean-cut.

There are a host of brands that have carried on this tradition, making high quality pieces, designed with impressive craft, but perhaps lacking any imagination or creativity beyond a reasonably unique logo placed on the chest.

Similar to the colourful, print patterned golf clothing apparel we referred to earlier, these clean-cut designs work on the course, and in most instances, the office. Again, everyone is free to wear these bad boys where they like, but they’re probably a little bland for a social occasion.

Premium Golf Wear with Style and Class

So, is there an in-between? That’s where we’ve come in and this is why we entered the apparel market. We wanted to design something that took the best traditional aspects of golf wear and combine them with subtle yet creative elements throughout each of our product lines.

Take the logo placement for example – yes, the chest has the benefits of branding, but that’s to the benefit of the brand, not the wearer. So we’ve placed our logo in the bottom left of our best golf hoodies and q-zips.

Consider the collar of our men's quarter zip – we have a contrast-coloured collar inside the piece, with distinct orange piping that lines the collar and the inside of the zip.

The two-tone line that features on both our hoodies and quarter zips. Something that may seem small but is a defining feature across the range and brings each one to life.

You’ll also notice that we’ve refrained from placing our name on the outside of both lines. It may be something that we revisit in the future, but we wanted to trial a level of sophistication and simplicity instead of a branding exercise.

men's quarter zip

Men's Golf Hoodie and Men's Quarter Zip - Quality Layering Pieces

Finally, what we focused the majority of our attention on was the quality of the material, the technical fit and the level of comfort and performance while wearing both our Men's Golf Hoodie and men's quarter zip. That’s why we chose our manufacturer in South Korea. They had the ideal combination of exceptional materials, technical ability and sustainable manufacturing.

This has hopefully led to the creation of a line of best golf hoodies and q-zips that you truly love, so we’re incredibly excited to hear your feedback from our launch! Shop the golf apparel collection today and let us know!

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