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What Hand Should A Golf Glove Go On?

What Hand Should A Golf Glove Go On?

There are multiple reasons why the large majority of golfers wear a golf glove go on. We’ve gone through which glove might be suitable for you in the article here, but this piece focuses on what hand golfers’ usually wear their glove.

Right-handed golfers wear their glove on their left hand. 

Right-handed golfers make up approximately 93-95% of the golfing population. A right-handed player will have their left shoulder closest to the target and swings the club from right to left. In this scenario, most if not all right-handed golfers will wear their golf glove go on their left hand and vice versa for left-handed golfers. Seems counterintuitive at first reading, but we’ll explain why.

What Hand Should A Golf Glove Go On?

Why do right-handed players wear their glove on their left hand?

When a right-handed player grips a golf club, the standard grip results in the left hand being above the right hand and thus being the more dominant hand in the grip.

The left hand will therefore grip the entire club, with the right hand either interlinking or overlocking the left hand. This means that the right hand is used more in the support role of the swing, helping guide the club on the correct path.

So when you immediately align yourself to your ball and set up to take a shot, most golfers (pros included) will take their leading left hand (the glove hand) to first grip the club, then take the non-glove right hand to settle into the shot. It's therefore necessary for the left hand to command more grip and stability, so that the club doesn’t twist through impact.

Does anyone wear two golf gloves?

Some golfers, particularly during winter, prefer to wear two golf gloves. There are instances of professional tour players wearing two gloves (Aaron Rai being one) to enhance their grip.

But in most cases, golfers want an element of natural feel in their hands, hence wearing one glove is a suitable trade off between an enhanced grip and sufficient comfort and feel.

Two golf gloves with cool designs

Conclusion: Golf Glove Go On

If you’re still confused, we don’t blame you. We’re here to help, so if you do have any follow up questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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