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Why 2024 is the year you make the switch to unique golf gloves

Making the switch to unique golf gloves in 2024!

Part of the reason for our inception at Skins Golf was witnessing the development of the golf shoe phase, the insatiable need for the average golfer to stand out, to wear something out of the ordinary. We have taken inspiration from the evolution of the “sneaker”, but not just in golf. The NBA has led the way in shoe artistry over the years. It's time to see the same with golf gloves.

Cool Golf Gloves are next

The last two years have belonged to the golf shoe, with the Nike Air Max 1 G and the Puma Ignite NXT standing out as new-age, innovative golf shoes that appealed to the new generation of golfers. Many of the classic looks remain, but it was time for a change, time for high performance combined with artistic flair. Matthew Wolff was one of those wearing tie-died Nike Shoes during the Taylormade charity Skins match.

That was part of the Peace and Love collection that the brand launched. Bubba wore his tailored Air Jordans, coloured in the green and yellow of The Masters, ahead of the major event. Even Brooks Koepka dropped his own line of shoes alongside Nike. Tour players started sweeping up these kicks while limited edition releases were sold out within minutes. Demand was high, supply was low, and every major brand reacted.

The golf community had spoken – they wanted something different, something totally unique. Gone were the days of your plain white or black golf shoe, conforming to boring golf club norms. This was bringing the street to the course, introducing fashion to a game that so often embraced it back in the 70s and 80s, but got lost in the 90s and 00s. Fashion is making a comeback, new brands are emerging, and new ideas are forming around the golf outfit.

Golfer adjusting baseball cap with unique designed golf glove

Taking Cool golf glove style and distinctiveness to the next level

Players have had their hometowns, cartoon characters and famous faces crafted on to their favourite shoe. Artists are making careers from personalising NBA player shoes, and the cost of these has never been higher. These are statement pieces. Behind these completely unique, custom-made designs, there was a story.

How many times have we seen the evolution of a particular accessory? Shoes, golf towels, headcovers and even golf bags are all undergoing change from the norm. Even the golf ball has started to veer from the plain white, branded shell that we’re used to.

Yet the glove has remained relatively untouched. Yes, we’ve seen some pros go for coloured gloves, even some wear two. But that’s not quite pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Cool casino themed golf glove

Time for golf gloves to have it's moment of evolution

So we asked ourselves - why not introduce something completely different into the golf glove game? Why not give us golfers something to laugh about, something to flash to your playing partners.

Apart from the golf ball, your glove is about the most used item in your golf bag. The average player might put on and take off their glove 4 times a hole - that’s 72 times they’ve interacted with their golf glove (but please do switch up your gloves mid-round)!

So for something so fundamentally important, what are the two things you’re looking out for? First: Quality. Quality of material, of fit, stitching, manufacture, care etc. We don’t need to go into that here, that’s for another time, but once it passes the quality check, you usually move on to the aesthetics.

And that’s where the game will change. No more plain white gloves, no more soulless buying of the same glove over and over again. Yes it might fit well, yes it (always) feels good new, but you deserve better. That’s why we feel 2022 is the year of the golf glove. It’s finally time to try something different than the plain white glove.

So why not rock up to your next round with some flair on your wrist, some artistry in your fingers with one of our premium, cool golf gloves. Show them you have the hottest glove on the market to go alongside your golf game. Get ahead of the next wave of innovation and fashion in golf – enjoy your next round and thanks for reading.

Golfer tossing golf ball wearing cool golf glove
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