4 Reasons Why Most Leather Golf Gloves Are White

4 Reasons Why Most Leather Golf Gloves Are White

4 Reasons Why Most Leather Golf Gloves Are White

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The famous white golf glove. We all love the feeling of putting on a fresh glove, pristine in its appearance, pearl-like in its elegance. But why are most golf gloves white? We touch on 4 key reasons for this:

  1. Cabretta Leather is naturally pearl white in colour.
  2. The heat from sunlight on darker golf gloves is uncomfortable.
  3. Golf gloves are quite visual while swinging. A simple design equals less distraction.
  4. Each cup is sprayed white, hence any white dye wouldn’t mark your golf gloves.

Cabretta leather's natural colour is a cool pearl white

This is the dominant reason as to why golf gloves are predominately white. When cabretta leather arrives for treatment, the hides go through several processes to dry and treat the leather.

As the leather dries and nears the end of the treatment process, the natural pearl white colour comes through. Synthetic leather and other forms of leather (goat, for example) go through a dying process to try to emulate the colour that natural, sheep cabretta leather commands.

Golf glove and hoodie

The darker the golf glove, the hotter you get

Heat, direct sunlight, comfort, sweat – all are crucial factors when considering what colour a golf glove should be. Given cabretta leather is a natural material that has beautifully soft features, these can be exacerbated with heat and will start to contribute to increased sweat and discomfort. Now consider a black glove in direct sunlight – more sweat, more discomfort and reduced performance levels. Check out our article on taking care of your leather golf gloves on those hot days.

White golf gloves remove any distractions

This one may not be a factor as to why most gloves are white, but it most likely is a consideration in their design. When a golfer is looking down at their ball, the golf glove is in their line of sight.

If the glove is a block orange colour for example with unique designs printed all over it, you might be distracted from the golf ball. A plain white golf glove ensures that there is no distractions when looking at your golf club or ball.

Golfer swinging club

Would the white paint in the cup stain your glove?

The last reason is slightly controversial and one we’ve seen across several publications. We don’t put a huge amount of weight on its merits, but can see the logic behind it. With golf cups sprayed white, the theory is that the golf glove should match that colour to reduce the risk of the dye marking the glove. By wearing a black glove, the white spray could mark the glove for example, lessening its aesthetic appeal.

White golf gloves with a twist 

conclusion: Golf Gloves Are White

the first point is the most important factor into why golf gloves are white, with the others mere supporting elements.

And while you’re here, why not check out our range of totally unique golf gloves that mix the classic, traditional white look with a pop of colour and creativity. See our unique golf glove collection and let us know which one suits you best!

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