Skins Golf Milestones and Product Launches

Skins Golf Milestones and Product Launches 2024

Skins Golf Milestones and Product Launches 2024

Changing the way golf men's apparel and accessories are viewed and worn

When we launched Skins Golf in February 2022, we had a clear vision in mind. We wanted to change the way golf apparel and accessories were viewed and worn. We started with best golf gloves as it was the most obvious category that hadn't been challenged or innovated properly in. There was a gap in the market for stylish gloves that kept the traditional aspects of their design that we all love (the crisp white look).

Our mission was simple. We wanted to create high-quality golf apparel and accessories that performed well, felt incredible but most importantly looked awesome. The biggest flaw we've seen with the many attempts at trying to revolutionise the golf glove was sacrificing quality for style, likewise with the towel. From day one, we have focused massively on ensuring our products met your premium quality needs before adding any of the creative styles that you see today.

golf hoodies for men

Skins Golf Milestones

So we set out to create a brand that would cater to both of these needs. We spent two years researching and designing our products, making sure that every detail was perfect. We worked with golfers of all levels to get their feedback and make sure that our products met their needs.

We know that the golf industry is incredibly tough to break into and are still on that path, but there have been a couple of huge milestones that have given us a sense that we're on the right path.

This week, we were featured in a article. The article noted our stylish and functional men's golf hoodies and golf quarter zips, and we were stoked to see that people were taking notice. We know this is just the beginning and that we have a lot more work to do if we want to establish ourselves as a go-to brand in the sector.

New Products & Refinement

We're continuing to work hard, designing new products and refining our existing ones to bring you the best we have. We've loved listening to feedback from you all and making changes where necessary. That's the fuel behind our growth at the moment, so thank you for all of your suggestions.

Next week sees the launch of a new category, which are funky ball markers in 6 cool designs. These have arguably been the most fun to design given the intricacy that we've been able to achieve in the moulding stage. We're so excited to see these out on greens around the world and know that you'll absolutely love them.

Finally, we'll also bring out the long-awaited extension of our microfiber golf towel line, with designs matching every one of our Tour Edition gloves. Again, the feedback stage has been crucial to designing a better towel and we can't wait to see you rocking them over your bags over the summer months.

Cool golf towel

Thank you for your support

We hope that our products contribute towards a changing of the way golf apparel and accessories are viewed and worn, allowing you to make a statement out on the course and have fun with the gear you're rocking any given day. We're super proud of the progress so far and want to thank you all for supporting us over our first year!

Don Magrane

Founder, Skins Golf

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