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The Story Behind A Cool Golf Glove Design, Part 2

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The Story Behind A Cool Golf Glove Design, Part 2

Whiskey, palm trees, comic books and artists. Part two of our series is telling the story behind our distinct, cabretta leather golf glove designs. Every golfer has a unique character or persona. No one swing is the same, no style is the same and everyone has their own quirks on the course.

We wanted to celebrate this by applying unique and distinct designs to our golf gloves, while still retaining the highest levels of performance and quality you should expect. Finishing with the final four of our eight designs, we give a brief background of where the inspiration came from.

The Settler Golf Glove

We often marvel at how cool professional golfers can remain under pressure. Thousands of people are watching them in person, millions on TV and we expect them to hit the centre of the clubface every single time. But some step up to the occasion more than others – they relish the pressure that others fear. Tiger comes to mind in major tournaments and Anika throughout her dominance at the time.

We wanted a golf glove to portray the ice that these players have in their veins. These are the players that are reflective of a cool and soothing whiskey when the pressure intensifies. Pour one out for them, settle the nerves and finish out that round strong.

Golfer with whiskey themed glove adjusting the strap

The Good Life Golf Glove

Palm trees line the fairway, the beach is in view and the sea breeze is gently guiding your shot back towards the green. Not to be mistaken for fair-weather golfers, this is just the ideal golfing setup for many players. Sunshine, beers, buggies and golf equals a holiday mode that is fully activated. So we set out to design a cool golf glove that encapsulated each of these elements.

Care-free swings and a laid-back attitude to what we’re going to shoot today. Multiple hour rounds that we allow to last longer than the norm due to the perfection of our environment. This glove is for those who yearn for that next golf holiday, who want to escape to the luscious Bermuda grass, to live on a golfing property for just a few days to do what they love. Golf.

Teeing up golf ball with palm tree golf glove

Drip Drop Golf Glove

We all love a trick-shot, playing the ball left-handed with a right-handed club. What about switching up the flight of our ball? Bullet draws, high fades, punching below the trees or opening the club face to fly it over. Flopping a wedge from an unlikely angle or softly caressing a bunker shot within a few feet of the hole. We had to create a unique golf glove for the player who tries these things, they’re what make the game fun.

Think of the Seve’s, Phil in his prime or Trevino when he graced the links in the UK. The people who wear this glove exhibit something different to the rest of us. A willingness to express themselves, to stay true to what they believe in. These are the artists of our game, and we love celebrating them.

Taking golf club out of golf bag

Bombs Away Golf Glove

The long-drive champ of the group, the one who never takes out the 4 iron or the rescue to get it in play. We admire their persistence to find that one bomb of the round – but that’s what they love to do. When it connects, we stand there in complete awe, making all the wayward drives worth it. What’s golf without that competitive edge of trying to see who can drive it furthest?

Probably the most obvious golf glove we had to make – one for the bombers out there. They usually come loaded with a huge personality and a swing to match. So watch them wake up when they reach the long-drive hole, the driveable par-four, the 260 yard approach to the par-5 that’s unreachable for everyone else.

Golf glove with comic styling throwing up golf ball in the air

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