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Top Golf Apparel - The Office vs. the Country Club.

Office versus Country Club Top Golf Apparel

Encouraging change through top golf apparel

Over the past few years, we’ve been lucky enough to play a host of prodigious golf clubs that have had a less-than welcoming atmosphere, where you’re made to feel lucky to be frequenting the grounds, where requirements for golf wear and clubhouse wear has been quite stringent.

Having experienced life in an Investment Bank for 7+ years, we’ve seen the dress code evolve to a more accepting and relaxed level. There has, however, been a few occasions where our casual wear in the office has been commented on.

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Attracting and retaining talent through different styles

The parallels between office and country club wear is therefore quite interesting. Finance is going through a phase where attracting and retaining junior talent is of the utmost importance. Starting salaries have increased materially to persuade graduates to forego a career in tech or elsewhere, for the long hours of banking.

Office wear has become a lot more relaxed – gone are the days of a suit and tie 5-6 days a week in the office. Juniors are often seen wearing chinos and runners into the office, as are the more senior members of staff. Alongside this has come more flexible working hours and the rise of working-from-home. Each of these measures have been carefully enacted to keep younger employees in the firm.

Golf Fashion - Appealing to a younger audience

If there’s one thing golf can learn from this, it’s the need to attract and retain junior talent by any means necessary. We too often hear players, members, tour staff members and industry leaders speaking about the need to attract more junior talent into the game. Viewing figures are dominated by those in the older generation, and while COVID has helped bring a rise in junior and minority golfer participation, we still encounter the same old issues that plague our sport.

We get it – a privately, member-run golf club can set their own rules. They can mandate visitors or members wear a jacket and tie into the clubhouse, for caps to be taking off while inside or to frankly request anything they would like. Our issue with this is that we believe that every golf club, member and casual golfer has a duty to make the game feel welcoming and inclusive.

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Shifting perceptions towards non-traditional golf apparel wear

Going back to the banking comparison – the industry has made the conscious decision to cater to the needs and wants of the younger generation. This has led to graduates feeling more welcome in an industry that was previously intimidating to many.

Golf has the opportunity to do the same. Our professionals are leading by example, experimenting with new styles and golf fashion. These are the people that the country club members adore, the ones they speak about every day. So why is it that they’ll happily watch Rory, Tiger or Nelly wear non-traditional golf wear, but scoff at a visitor or fellow member that also does so?

It's time to move on and embrace the change our industry is going through. Without doing so, we risk missing the next generation of golfers to other, more progressive sports.

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