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Tour Edition Golf Gloves Are Here

Introducing our Tour Edition Golf Gloves

When we launched in February 2022, we had some apprehension as to how our gloves would be received. Introducing our Tour Edition Golf Gloves.

We know that old habits die hard and that it’s difficult to prize someone away from something they’ve known and loved for so long. The humble leather golf glove was one of these.

Our issue with the big brands is how little innovation has gone into golf gloves. Designs have remained the same, the colour has largely been plain white and the only differentiating factor has been the logo on the strap.

So we set out to create something truly unique, while still retaining the soft feel and comfort that a cabretta leather glove offers.

The reception has been incredible, but there has also been a huge amount of constructive feedback that we have now applied to our tour edition range of gloves.

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What’s new in our Tour Edition range?

  • We’ve completely changed the grade of cabretta leather. Feedback suggested that our gloves were slightly thicker than peers, so we’ve addressed this while still retaining the durability and strength levels.
  • Our new grade of leather lends itself to a whiter colour than our previous edition. We liked our previous pearl white colour, but this is now in-line with industry standards.
  • Our sizing has vastly improved. Our prior edition of gloves were a touch smaller than the norm, so we have addressed this by increasing the width of our gloves slightly.

What we’re incredibly excited about is introducing our first line of ladies gloves. Our initial launch was essentially a proof of concept, and we’re now delighted to launch ladies sizes.

Lefties, we haven’t forgotten about you. We have right-handed gloves coming over the next few weeks, so thank you so much for your patience.

Tour Edition Golf Gloves: New golf glove designs

We welcome four new designs to the party!

The Weekender - Lives for golf with the squad. Several sittings of food and drink before and after the round is followed by a late night in the bar. You’re not having a quiet round with these.

Tropicana - The person who loves a floral shirt, the one who brings some spice to a game. They’re the ones who you never know what they’re going to wear to the first tee.

Moon Golf - That golfer with lofty ambitions. Moon golf epitomises the ever-optimist out there who thinks any shot is possible and a round in the 60s is coming this weekend.

Peace & Golf - All levels of chill, this player doesn’t care who they’re playing with, they’re having a good time. They’re the club favourite that people look to mediate any disputes.

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Saying goodbye to some of our favourites

It’s with a heavy heart that we do this, but three designs have to make way for the new editions. Iced Out, Ghetto Golf and Drip Drop are all going in to the archives after an incredible few months out on courses all around the world.

Conclusion: Tour Edition Golf Gloves

We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on this new edition of our gloves. If you had any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Thanks for your support and enjoy the range of our new gloves!

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